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Welcome to Meeting House Montessori School!
We have learned much in our almost three decades of being a Montessori school in the town of Braintree. We have learned that allowing children to discover, learn, and be inquisitive at their own pace creates  students who are confident in their strengths, capable of sharing ideas with others, and willing to take academic risk. We find our students are never overwhelmed when approaching challenges since they know support from peers and teachers will help guide them through their decision making.
Through the diversity of our families, the students become lifelong friends with classmates from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. This impresses upon our students the importance of opinions, ideas, and beliefs from many cultures and helps make a more interesting and stronger community.
The staff brings many years of Montessori professional teaching and experience, some who have been with the program for over 20 years.
Our classrooms are designed to prepare the students for life. Learning problem solving skills through the use of the Montessori materials helps to reinforce a S.T.E.A.M. curriculum that has been shown to be important in developing creative learning. Self evaluation helps students discover their strengths they can share with others along with recognizing areas of weakness that need to be developed. Becoming competent readers, writers and analytical math thinkers give our students the tools necessary to face academic challenges with enthusiasm. All of this creates a well rounded student both now and for the future.
Please inquire to set up a visit and learn more about the developmental advantages MHMS can provide your child.