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Pre-Primary Teacher

We have opening for FULL-TIME Montessori Pre-School/Kindergarten Teacher in our Braintree, Massachusetts office.
Duties includes:
  • This role involves teaching a diverse age range, from three to six years old, which includes preschool and kindergarten students.
  • Create and develop comprehensive lesson plans for preschool and kindergarten, encompassing a wide array of subjects such as mathematics, languages, science, geography, sensory activities, and the arts.
  • On a monthly basis, formulate and assemble a well-rounded teaching unit that seamlessly incorporates various subjects, enriching the overall learning experience. Craft instructional materials and establish precise learning objectives for each preschool and kindergarten lesson. Furthermore, manage the dissemination, assessment, and grading of verbal and written assignments, tailored to the preschool and kindergarten levels, in addition to conducting tests.
  • Thoroughly evaluate, analyze, acquire, and proficiently implement a wide range of preschool and kindergarten-level learning materials and educational resources.
  • Expertly deliver instruction across a diverse curriculum, encompassing subjects such as reading, mathematics, science, history, personal development, social skills, and emotional intelligence, all while adeptly weaving these subjects into a unified and comprehensive teaching framework.
  • Utilize a wide array of engaging activities and instructional methods, including the integration of songs, stories, multimedia, structured games, art projects, and outdoor adventures, with the aim of kindling and fostering a genuine enthusiasm for learning among preschool and kindergarten students.
  • Regularly assess and appraise students' performance and advancement to ensure skill mastery, meticulously documenting their progress and composing detailed reports. Additionally, participate in parent-teacher conferences.
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  • Furthermore, foster robust communication channels with the parents of preschool and kindergarten students, ensuring the timely dissemination of relevant information and updates regarding their child's development and classroom activities.
  • Create interdisciplinary teaching units tailored to meet the diverse needs of early childhood classroom students, including those with and without disabilities, encompassing preschool and kindergarten levels.
  • Engage in school activities and accompanying preschool and kindergarten students during field trips.
  • Establish and uphold a secure, hygienic, and engaging classroom environment where every child experiences a sense of safety and worth.
  • Guarantee the accessibility and functionality of classroom supplies and equipment.
  • Adhere to and ensure compliance with teaching standards and legal safety regulations for preschool and kindergarten students.
    Position requires Master’s degree in Montessori Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education and care, or a related field, and 1 year of relevant experience. A Montessori Teacher Certificate is required, as well as good communication skills and attention to details.
    Please mail resume to Meeting House Montessori Inc., 85 Washington St, Braintree, MA, 02184
    Date Posted: 10/23/2023 Date Removed: 11/23/2023