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Why fundraising is necessary for MHMS:
Fundraising and giving are both essential to the support and growth of MHMS. Although tuition covers most expenses, it is not the only required income necessary to keep our school in good fiscal health. Meeting House Montessori was established to meet the needs of children from many different backgrounds. In order for MHMS to meet this goal, the administration has always attempted to keep the tuition lower than most Montessori programs. Hiring and keeping the best staff, creating beautiful classrooms with all the curriculum materials necessary for learning, upkeep of the facility and playground, while keeping tuition at a manageable level for our families requires help from additional income. This can only be accomplished through the support of giving and fundraising. When there is a specific goal, need or wish for the school, fundraising and giving will be earmarked for these specific needs and items in order to continue the growth and development of the school. Fundraising and giving plays a very important role in the overall health of MHMS.