Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Do Mixed Age Groups Work?

    In a Montessori classroom, the students are combined within a three year age group. For example, the pre-primary classrooms have students combined between 3-6 years of age. The mixed ages allow for students to be working individually at their specific developmental ability, gives younger students positive older role models to help guide them, and places older children in the role of being responsible leaders for their younger peers.
  • How is the teacher able to individualize the learning program for each student?

    The Montessori teachers are trained to observe the students in their classrooms. Through this observation a teacher learns the strengths, weaknesses, and learning style of each student. The teacher can then create and implement a curriculum that is specific to the developmental needs of each child. By doing so, the teacher is always challenging the child at an appropriate level to make sure the expectations are never overwhelming or too simplistic.
  • Why does MHMS introduce grading and homework in the elementary?

    It is our belief at MHMS that as we “prepare students for life” on a social, emotional and cognitive level, we must also prepare them to meet the requirements of future educational programs beyond Meeting House. By introducing homework and grading in the lower and upper elementary programs we feel we are preparing our students to understand and manage the expectations they will face in more traditional schools after graduation from MHMS.